YUGYEOM – TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Sugar Rush Ride' Official MV | REACTION

มาดูบทความ “YUGYEOM – TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Sugar Rush Ride' Official MV | REACTION” ที่รวบรวมโดย Đại Lý hyundai จากแหล่งต่างๆ บนอินเทอร์เน็ต ผู้แต่ง Say What Reacts มียอดวิวสูงบนแพลตฟอร์มโซเชียลเน็ตเวิร์ก

การอ้างอิงวิดีโอ YUGYEOM – TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Sugar Rush Ride' Official MV | REACTION

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อึศักดิ์สิทธิ์ !!! ที่ชื่นชอบ TXT MV ลงมือ !!!! TXT REACTIONS เพลย์ลิสต์: …

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แหล่งที่มาของวิดีโอ TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Sugar Rush Ride' Official MV | REACTION

เพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Sugar Rush Ride' Official MV | REACTION

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  • คำอธิบายวิดีโอ: อึศักดิ์สิทธิ์ !!! ที่ชื่นชอบ TXT MV ลงมือ !!!! TXT REACTIONS เพลย์ลิสต์: …

อึศักดิ์สิทธิ์ !!! ที่ชื่นชอบ TXT MV ลงมือ !!!! TXT REACTIONS เพลย์ลิสต์: …

อึศักดิ์สิทธิ์ !!! ที่ชื่นชอบ TXT MV ลงมือ !!!! TXT REACTIONS เพลย์ลิสต์: …

อึศักดิ์สิทธิ์ !!! ที่ชื่นชอบ TXT MV ลงมือ !!!! TXT REACTIONS เพลย์ลิสต์: …

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  1. OKAY I AM SO LATE BUT I’VE BEEN STREAMING FOR DAYSSSSSS WELL SINCE IT CAME OUT AND NO NAH NO NO NO NO DO NOT ASK ME IF IM OKAY AND HOW I AM DOING IM STILK GOING THROUGH IT IM SICK I DIED AND RESURRECTED 030419 TIMES ETC OH YES YES ANYWAY im sure there’s already tons of comments mentioning stuff I’m about to mention but 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 OKAY OKAY SO FIRST OF ALL I AM OBSESSED I AM OBSESSED I AM OBSESSED IN LOVE YES PERFECTION, THEY FLIED TO INDONESIA, BALI AND EVERYONE WERE SO CONFUSED AS TO WHY SO WE ALL SUSPECTED IT MIGHT BE FOR THE MV AND YUP WE WERE RIGHT! THEY FILMED THE MV THERE AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL SO GORGEOUS, THERE’S A LOT IN THIS MV, OKAY SO IN THIS MV TXT SEE WHAT THEY WERE ASSOCIATED WITH IN THEIR PRE DEBUT QUESTIONING FILMS I DON’T KNOW IF YOU REMEMBER THEM, THERE’S ONE FOR EACH MEMBER AND IN ALL OF THEM THERE WAS MORSE CODES PLAYING!!!! SOOBIN’S MORSE CODE IS “TOMORROW”, YEONJUN’S MORSE CODE IS “PROMISE”, BEOMGYU’S MORSE CODE IS “HOPE”, TAEHYUN’S MORSE CODE IS “CLUE”, HUENING KAI’S MORSE CODE IS “SECRET”!! AND IN THE QUESTIONING FILMS EACH MEMBER HAS AN ANIMAL!! WE CAN SEE THEM ALL IN THIS MV, SOOBIN HAD A PRAYING MANTIS, YEONJUN HAD A LARVAE! AND BEOMGYU HAD A BUTTERFLY!!!!!, TAEHYUN HAD A PARROT!!! HUENING KAI HAD A GECKO LIZARD!!! THERE’S ALSO FLOWERS IN THE QUESTIONING FILMS! YEONJUN’S FLOWERS WERE PINK, SOOBIN’S FLOWERS WERE WHITE/BLUE WE SEE IN THIS MV, BUT I DON’ THINK WE SEE THE OTHER MEMBER’S FLOWERS IN THE MV BUT ANYWAY IN THE MV THERE’S THIS RINGING SOUND WE HEAR IN BEOMGYU’S SCENE WHERE HE’S RUNNING AWAY FROM THE BUTTERFLIES WHICH REMINDS ME OF MAGIC ISLAND MV WHERE SOOBIN’S EARS KEEPS RINGING! one of the songs in this album is called tinnitus.. so… BUT IT ALSO CONNECTS WITH THE STAR SEEKERS IT ALSO LOOKS LIKE BEOMGYU IS THE ONLY ONE TRYING TO RUN AWAY, AND WHATEVER THAT IS ON YEONJUN’S HAND DEFINITELY DOES LOOK LIKE HONEY WHICH WOULD MAKE SENSE! THEY DO MENTION BEES A LOT IN THIS ALBUM AND STUFF LOL IDK BUT I’M NOT SAYING TOO MUCH CUZ SPOILERS!! BUT IT CONNECTS A LOT WITH TINNITUS ETC I GUESS AND UHH YEAH.. ANYWAY WE ALSO SEE FEATHERS IN THE MV WHICH WE ALSO SEE IN THE CONCEPT TRAILER FOR THIS COMEBACK! (I DON’T THINK YOU WATCHED THAT ONE THOUGH! HOPEFULLY YOU CAN WATCH IT OFF OR ON CAMERA WHEN YOU HAVE TIME!!) WE MOSTLY SEE THE FEATHERS ASSOCIATED WITH TAEHYUN IN THIS MV? birds and stuff im just saying lol, BUT SO the butterflies, the larvae, the bird/parrot, the praying mantis and the gecko lizard might all be the calls of their… uhm…….true n-… UHM which I’m not gonna talk about I don’t really wanna spoil too much it’s all in the star seekers webtoon and the wattpad lol I WANT TO SAY SO MUCH MORE BUT IT COULD SPOIL THINGS SO AHHHH I AM TRYINGGGGGGG 😭😭😭 THE TRAIN NAMED “PROMISE 304” ?!!! 030419 WAS THEIR DEBUT! AND PROMISE IS YEONJUN’S MORSE CODE AND ALSO HAS TO DO WITH YEONJUN’S CHARACTER IN THE STAR SEEKERS EUGENE, PROMISE IS HIS- SHHH sopes don’t spoil anything 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️ it’s so hard to explain without spoiling I wanna tell you everything 🥲 oh well anyway there’s kinda a lot of storyline though..I’m gonna stop I am so beyond proud of my babies I’m trying not to cry while typing this lol anyway, they were very worried for this comeback they weren’t sure how everyone would react but everything’s been going just absolutely incredible, this comeback is such a success, we moa had goals to reach at least 8-10M views and break the 7M curse WHICH WE FINALLY DID!!!!! and we reached 15.2M views in 24 hours breaking crown’s record of 15.1M in 24 hours after 4 YEARS, crown was the most viewed mv by a 4th gen boy group for four years, and now it’s sugar rush ride!! no other group but txt themselves 😭😭😭 it’s only been 5 days and it now has 52M views, this is insane we’ve been breaking so many records and they’re now double million sellers just 4 years after their debut, they promised to take a photo on the hybe rooftop with the daydream concept fits if they sold 2M copies like last time they promised to put yeonjun in the fridge if they sold 1M copies and they kept their promise, and they kept their promise again lmao 😭 THEY WERE WORRIED FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EVERYTHING’S BEEN AMAZING THIS COMEBACK, THEY HAD THEIR SHOWCASE FINALLY WITH MOA AFTER SO LONG BECAUSE OF THE PANDEMIC AND SOOBIN CRIED BUT IT WAS HAPPY TEARS I CRIED TOO OFC I CAN’T SEE THEM CRYING 😭🔫 okay kinda fun fact beomgyu hates bugs, HE IS JUST LIKE ME!!!! LMAO, he kinda had a hard time filming for the mv because there was so many bugs lol my poor baby, I get it 😭😭😭😭 they look so f-ing gorgeous with the glitter, but the glitter was all over their dorm floor for over a month lmfaooo and last comeback for good boy gone bad the promotion was pretty short and they know moa were tiny bit disappointed about the short promotion, the promotion for this comeback has been so AMAZING and different but in a good way! and I AM IN LOVE WITH THE CHOREOGRAPHY FOR BOTH SUGAR RUSH RIDE AND DEVIL BY THE WINDOW IT’S INSANE IM IN LOVE OH AND ALSO FVCK CHOI BEOMGYU AND CHOI YEONJUN I HATE THEM WHY DO THEY SOUND SO GOOD WHY DO THEY LOOK SO GOOD WHY ARE THEY SO PERFECT SHQKWJWOQJEOWIOWEJWOJWOEHEKWJWKW FMLF FML GAWD DAMN LAWRD WE GET IT FML Y’ALL ARE GORGEOUS AND UNREAL HELP AND WHY IS IT THEM WHO HAVE THE “THE DEVIL SAID” PART WHY IS IT THE TWO OF THEM WHY THOUGH BUT WHY BUT WHY WHY THOUGH WHY MY FAVORITE VOCALISTS IN ALL OF KPOP GYU’S DEEP VOICE GIGES ME CHILLS EVERY GOD DAMN TIME GOT ME RUNNING LAPSES 😭😭😭😭😭 oh and beomgyu and yeonjun has been twinning a lot this comeback, there’s been so many times where yeonjun look like beomgyu and beomgyu look like yeonjun lmfao that’s very random yea yea I know ahh I love them so much 🤧🤧 also ARMS ARMS ARMS ARMS ARMS ARMS i need them to headlock me and twist my head and- uhm OH AND YEAH IT’S VERY MUCH PETER PAN INSPIRED TOO AND THE TREE DOES REMIND YOU OF MAGIC ISLAND AND BLUE HOUR! ANYWAY THEY WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS COMEBACK AND THEY’RE DOING SO WELL!!! MOA WILL WORK AS HARD FOR THEM!! since Yeonjun is the mc on Inkigayo they really want to win so yeonjun can give them their trophy!! so I’m really really hoping we can get that win for them and it would be a birthday present for taehyun AHH PLEASE PLEASE!! 😭😭 I will work hard for that to happen! I can’t wait for you to hear the album! maybe you’ve already heard it im not sure but it’s a masterpiece! song of the year, album of the year and comeback of the year for me already!!! 😁 OH AND BY THE WAY! it’s very important to listen the songs of the album in order! there’s a whole story! and the last track of the album “farewell neverland” has hints for the next comeback! that’s what they said 🤭 anyway it’s hard to describe how much I love my boys, they deserve the whole world! the tour is very soon! it’s gonna be very emotional 🥹 again I’m really so proud so so so proud 😭 they’ve come so far 🤍 wow yet another long ass messy comment and my bad English lmao… it’s just me babbling :’) but there’s so so much more to the album, the storyline, and the mv but I’m not gonna type it all and spoil too much even though I really really want to lmfao 😭😭 CHOI SOOBIN CHOI YEONJUN CHOI BEOMGYU KANG TAEHYUN HUENING KAI HAVE DONE IT YET AGAIN THEY NEVER EVER DISAPPOINT THEIR WHOLE DISCOGRAPHY IS ALL BOPS MY FAVORITE DISCOGRAPHY IN ALL OF KPOP!!! OKAY OKAY SAWRRY ALRIGHT IM DONE OH AND THE REASON WHY THE BIGHIT INTRO ISN’T IN THE BEGINNING IS BECAUSE THEY PLAY THEM AS ADS NOW ON YOUTUBE LIKE I SAID THE PROMOTION HAS BEEN AMAZING THIS COMEBACK! AND NOTICE HOW IT’S ALWAYS HUENING KAI AT THE END LIKE IN THE MAGIC CONCEPT TRAILER (2019) which was iconic by the way when he says “domanggalka” oh that was so iconic, ANYWAY AND THEN THE CONCEPT TRAILER FOR THIS COMEBACK AND AT THE END OF THIS MUSIC VIDEO……. And Yeah…. this is eternally’s sister!! ok I’ll stop now back to streaming!! I might be back for the album reaction lmao we’ll see 👋🏃‍♀️

  2. Thanks for the reaction, I was freaking out just as much on my first watch! This will be kind of a long comment, so I apologize. 😅

    – I think they were going for a lost boys/peter pan concept for this video and album. So when you brought up how they looked like they had been there a while I found that very interesting. Also, the order of the songs on the album follows a story of being tempted to never grow up, falling victim to it (SRR), being okay with it, realizing they need to grow up, and then deciding to grow up (I think, I may be wrong).

    – Also, when you pointed out that Beomgyu was reaching out for something but he was above ground instead of in the cave, I thought of the concept trailer where there seemed to be two Beomgyus. Maybe he's trying to save his other self that's in the cave?

    – The 304/Promise on the train is because of their debut date, March 4th. Promise I think was Yeonjun's morse code in his intro film/it may be referencing their promise to the star and each other in their lore.

    – Soobin staring/falling into the water immediately reminded me of Narcissus from Greek mythology who died (drowned?) from being obsessed with his reflection. Not sure what that means but yeah

    tl;dr: txt are kings of storytelling

  3. This comback has killed us all, and now we are zombies. As someone else said,, this isnt the Name Chapter: Temptation, this is the Pain Chapter: Hell. 😂

    I really love how each of them have a temptationdrawing them in, Kai has the gecko, soobin with water, taehyun with the sky, yeonjun with the flowers/honey(?), beomgyi with the butterflies. And if I remember correctly, in the member introduction videos that were made at their debut when they were introducing the storyline (the questioning films ((what do you see))), kai's animal was a chameleon (just checked, and it is a lizard for sure, but maybe not a chameleon).

    Something that you might want to see that might help make things clearer in the mv is "The Name Chapter concept trailer". It is a 6 minute short film, like they did for Freeze where they were in that mall that got frozen over and they did that killer choreo. It is suuuuper interesting and really well made.

  4. You know, after watching various reactions, you just realized the two trailers don't fully match up to the MV (yes, I know you didn't react to them) there is a chorography one coming soon just to kill us more, but at least they released the shooting sketch

  5. I get what you mean when you were talking about how this magical island was sweet and innocent at first but then the boys get scared and island kind of turns against them you know. And also the part when the butterflies were chasing beomgyu I feel like those butterflies were like haunting him in his mind like the other members can't see the butterflies but he can I could be wrong but that's what those butterflies reminded me of. I love txt so so so much ❤️🥰😍

  6. Hi, I am back. Great reaction, ty. I have their album "Still Dreaming". It was a gift from my HS pal. To my surprise I knew 3-4 songs on there that I heard in the past and liked. I liked the album. =0)

    I don't plan to buy their stuff. BTS is my focus and i am usually broke. 😅But I am slowly trying to learn more about them. I love Lovesong it's my fav. from them. Adore the rock influence. It's so bloody catchy. For me at the start I was Beomgyu biased. We both Pisces. Yeonjun was the wrecker and 3rd fav was Soobin. Now i am Yeonjun biased 😅, Beomgyu wrecker and Soobin is still 3rd. Kai became a problem in Good Boy Gone Bad. The long hair dang. 0.0 And Terry is a small problem in Lovesong. And i am still asking myself What happened? 0.0 Lol. I am a mixed media artist. I love their vocals and rap. And they kill it for dance. I am ult Jimin biased, Suga wrecker, OT7 so the dancers get me. And I am into looks because visual person. Plus Jimin is bloody charming and a flirt and I see that in Yeonjun too. But yeah that's my story. =0p Sugar Rush Ride is not bad. I got to get used to the rhythm. The visuals were great. Loved the vocals too and fits. The whispering is deadly though. 0.0 If they perform this in leather, bondage, feathers, Eeep.!!! I say they are too young to be exploring Temptation!!! Geez. I think its storyline for sure. I also think the other song on the album is connected. I also think this one is talking about their feelings about their current fame. There is a darkness underline in this for sure. I suggest u read the webtoon. It explains so much. U will have more answers and more questions too. =0p stay safe. Borahae! -2019 Army NY USA💜

  7. Yeonjun was my original bias but he got hardcore bumped by soobin idk soobin cute face gets to me but this blonde hair😢 I can’t he looks so good poor yeonjun got bumped again from wrecker by taehyun idk taehyun looks so ethereal but also idk dark at the same time and his savagness kills me. Soobin regular personality is so cute and wholesome but when he gets serious or steps up for his members he destroys me in this comeback he destroyed me.

  8. These shiny boys and their endless fights a bit of storyline info: ;;

    They got a kind of power boost from the blue and green eyed cat which is also very addictive ofc. That's why they look so intoxicated. But the glitter and vines over them show the casualty of it. The more power they use, the more backlash they get. Also I guess they're on magic island because there's a train wreck in the sea which directly connects to the Magic Island mv. The end they were leaving like they’re fine and they can come back. Cause they have a song magic island with an mv and they did go to magic island and they got there by using a train . I don’t know if you noticed the train in the ocean wrecked in this mv. But in magic island mv things also didn’t end well. Also in the first mv they were also back at the magic island where they found the tent with the tarot reading person. So they have been here a few times in their story line and we definitely know magic island isn’t a good place. But they keep goinggg. Thank you and kiss's from Brazil.💋

  9. I came back because I didn’t have time earlier to say that I adored your reaction. You made me laugh so hard when the chorus dropped. I love your commentary and observations & I agree, the setting is beautiful. It looks like Bali, or somewhere in Thailand maybe? Gorgeous setting. This title track isn’t my favorite on the album, I’ll be honest, but I love the song & the MV both. ❤️❤️

  10. Anitra we are not fine lol anyway I watch the video first before coming to see your reaction I am happy I see your reaction cause i am still learning names but the guy who said give me more i am having problems and Jun is another problem and I like how you explain the MV cause when I watch it I know i miss things thank you for your reaction my first TXT comeback

  11. I did NOT handle this well at all 😂 Absolutely in love with this mv and the song, as well as the whole album! I am SO proud of them 😊 I'm not sure if you saw their Name Chapter Concept Trailer but it explains some of what the album is about as well as the theme (which seems to take inspiration from the original story of Peter Pan and not the Disney one). Definitely recommend watching it for the choreo and storyline hints 💙

  12. I think the island is bad indeed. Well, they talk about a "Devil" and the album has 'Temptation' in it's title. Not only that, there's this other song in the album called 'devil by the window' 👀

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