NewJeans – NewJeans’ maknae Hyein (14) has exposed Sunghoon (19) for being a ped0phile

มาดูบทความ “NewJeans – NewJeans’ maknae Hyein (14) has exposed Sunghoon (19) for being a ped0phile” ที่รวบรวมโดย Đại Lý hyundai จากแหล่งต่างๆ บนอินเทอร์เน็ต ผู้แต่ง Sunghoon Hater 2 มียอดวิวสูงบนแพลตฟอร์มโซเชียลเน็ตเวิร์ก

การอ้างอิงวิดีโอ NewJeans – NewJeans’ maknae Hyein (14) has exposed Sunghoon (19) for being a ped0phile

สำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ NewJeans – NewJeans’ maknae Hyein (14) has exposed Sunghoon (19) for being a ped0phile

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แหล่งที่มาของวิดีโอ NewJeans’ maknae Hyein (14) has exposed Sunghoon (19) for being a ped0phile

เพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ NewJeans’ maknae Hyein (14) has exposed Sunghoon (19) for being a ped0phile

  • ผู้แต่ง: Sunghoon Hater 2
  • จำนวนการดู: 139360
  • อัตรา: 5.00
  • ชอบ: 1879
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  • ค้นหาคำสำคัญ: [vid_tags]
  • คีย์เวิร์ดอื่นๆ: NewJeans
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แหล่งรวม: Đại lý hyundai Bình Dương

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  1. WTF! I'm not an Engene nor a Bunny, but you HAVE to delete this. Take it down NOW. This is not something to joke about or write fanfics about, you are using REAL PEOPLE with REAL LIVES, one is even a minor.

    I don't know who wrote this but it doesn't matter, what matters right now is that this video should be reported and taken down asap and never posted again anywhere.

    This video is disturbing af and full BS, Hyein and Sunghoon would not be happy or ok with this at all, no one should be.

  2. You're crossing the line here even if you're a fan this vid clip can taint ENHYPEN's reputation. Sunghoon is doing nothing yet here you're bringing up his name to ur disgusting agenda and crazy fan-fiction. Cut out all the shits on your head. You're ruining Sunghoon 😡

  3. Tbh, i looked at the title and thought id be sunghooned again. But ik 100% this is fake and i was rlly surprised when i didnt get sunghooned. I was confused and then i looked at the channel’s name….
    Listen. If u hate someone, just dont make it obvious. Like the channel’s name is just stupid. Ppl would literally attack u bcz ur a hater and obviously engenes are going crazy abt this (not just engenes but a lot more ppl) like why are u even doing this? I dont see any good things abt it and i can only see the bad things thats gonna happen to YOU. This needs to stop and honestly idk why u hate him tho…….

  4. The fact almost 2k people liked this … this a horrible act of defamation, and is just false information meant to gather those of ignorant and gullible characters to hate on Sunghoon. Just report the channel for harassment and misinformation.

    Side note : Seeing the people in the comments saying he would never do this (which I believe as well) and vehemently denying that their Sunghoon could do such a thing just reminds me of Burning Sun tbh. Like obviously it’s not anything like that cause Sunghoon is a good guy, but the comments are so similar to the fans of those involved in the previously mentioned crime and my heart feels heavy being reminded of the devastation people felt then.

    But that’s the point i’m trying to make. The people in the Burning Sun Crime deserved everything they got. Sunghoon doesn’t. Don’t make reckless allegations that could literally ruin someone when they don’t deserve any of it. Sunghoon is a teenager just trying to live his dream, and you pulling in this poor girl to be further hated on as well is just disgusting.

    You can be sued for such slander, and libel. Stop wasting your time.

  5. Please don’t post fake stuff like this. People WILL use it and start rumors and all types of other BS. This could get Sunghoon in HUGE trouble and it’ll put Hyein in a VERY uncomfortable position. You need to delete this cause Imma just report for now but literally delete.

    I don’t care HOW MUCH you hate someone. You don’t do this type of stuff.

  6. I thought I was gonna be sunghood or smth form this 💀, this was supposed to be my last short before I sleep-but nah
    Idk why the creator is (trying to?) spread these false rumors about him and I hope ppl don't take this vid seriously-.

  7. bro i get it you joking or some kinda shit but you gotta understand that some people might take it seriously and Sunghoon will be the one getting in trouble and it will also affect Enhypen. So think before you post something so vulnerable like this

  8. Y’all report this for misinformation and to the creator plz take this down it’s obviously fake to many people but others will possibly believe it and this is not something funny to joke about it’s disturbing and disgusting and unfortunately thing like this actually happen to people it’s very ignorant of you to come up with something like this and spread it just for you own entertainment. It’s harmful to actual victims of assault and harassment as well as to the idol your creating rumors about.

  9. whoever that did this, no hate but stop, please respect idols, they are human just like us and deserves to be appreciated like one. they are all working hard to provide us good quality of entertainment and im sure it hurts to see these if they were scrolling down youtube shorts. not just sunghoon but hyein too since she herself is being sexualised here

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